Compoende of Paraguay is a company that provides services in the area of NDT, the need for these services was born in the area of aviation and it was proven its necessity in conjunction with the DINAC – (National Civil Aviation) as well as the need for mandatory inspections by flight hours in civilian aircraft, having to hire foreign technicians or sending their aircraft abroad.

Through the application of the Head of the Certification Companies DINAC, It was required to Compoende, which was already a company certified as an Aircraft Maintenance Organization Foreign, to be installed in Asuncion to serve more than 700 civil aircraft flying in the country, without performing tasks related to Non Destructive Testing according to aeronautical regulations.

Compoende Brazilian Aeronautics emerged in 1987, and from the same needs to act in the area of special processes and more specifically in the area of NDT to meet civilian aircraft, it was decided to install a laboratory in Paraguay in the year 2012, located at the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport Highway 555. The company is certified as OMA 032 by DINAC.

After mounting a complete laboratory to provide services Nondestructive Testing through different techniques such as: Ultrasound Penetrating Liquid, Magnetic Particle, Eddy Current, X-rays and various optical equipment, Compoende of Paraguay decided to hire local workers between them technicians and engineers who were trained by inspectors Levels 3 from Compoende Brazil, which are qualified and certified by CTA - Aerospace technical Center in Sao Jose dos Campos - Sao Paulo.

Currently the Paraguayan hand work is able to perform all inspections of maintenance programs of military and civilian aircraft.

In 2013, emerged a need by the Air Force of Paraguay to inspect their aircraft fixed and rotary wing. Compoende again gave the necessary support, ensuring the airworthiness of its aircraft.

In 2014, a new phase began in Compoende of Paraguay, opening up other areas of care they needed support in the inspection of other types of equipment from other industries.

At this stage we had to venture into the areas of energy, with inspection of grindings for the manufacture of alcohol, apart from other hydroelectric industries, Cement Industry, Naval Industry and naval maintenance among others.

Compoende of Paraguay has the ongoing support of Compoende Brazil, which is always supporting inspections made in whole Paraguay, thus ensuring the quality of structures and equipment in operation in various areas of industries, promoting the correct operation of its production areas without stoppages occurring in their activities by the breakdown or malfunction of structures or components that could bring great prejudice to their businesses and to the country.

In 2015, Compoende obtained the Certification of the Merchant Marine and is currently processing documentation in the Naval Prefecture, to have all authorizations, documentation and permits to expand their work to the maritime area.

Based on the quality and reliability of the results, we have a large number of customers who have frequently contacted Compoende of Paraguay for testing, which are conducted by technicians and engineers highly trained to ensure safety equipment in flight or operating in the country's industries.

Besides NDT, Compoende offers consulting in the area of quality and certification with ISO 9001, AS 9100 and Nadcap, research, specification of equipment and training. The result is quality and reliability backed by various certifications and recognition internationally renowned organizations such as ANAC-Brazil, ANAC-Argentina, DINAC-Paraguay, Cessna, Learjet, Hawker-Beechcraft, Teledyne Continental Motors, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Sonaca Group, Latecoere, Aernnova, Alestis, ISO 9001, AS 9100, among others.

Today, Compoende has more than 140 customers in Paraguay and other Latin American countries. In addition to its pioneering present since its founding. Compoende has demonstrated over the years a growing demand in performing NDT (Non Destructive Testing) during preventive maintenance of small, medium and large aircraft, fixed wing and rotary and equipment and structures in general.

Compoende is qualified to perform NDT through thermography, static and dynamic balancing and vibration applied to the various types of equipment and industries in the country.

Presence in Paraguay and Latin America

Our headquarters is located in the city of Luque, Paraguay. We also have portable devices and mobile inspection units, which allows us to serve our customers in their own maintenance hangars around the country and its industries, for conducting the tests. Compoende is also present in Mexico, and has steadily expanded its business in Argentina and Chile.

Training center Compoende

The scope of our training certifications also guarantee suppliers and for the preparation of technical Level 3 which can act as responsible for laboratories.

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