Technical framework

Technical framework - Since it was created, Compoende invests in training its human resources.

The coaching staff Compoende receive high level training within their own facilities, through the teaching materials developed by its Inspectors Professional Level 3, based on the content recommended by the ASNT program and follow the guidelines of the NAS standards 410, ISO 9712 and ANSI / ASNT CP-189, as well as those recommended by the SNT-TC-1A.

Undoubtedly, one of the great advantages offered by Compoende his coaching staff, is the practical training in which they are appearing. We have a lot of components and structures with real discontinuities in various types of materials, providing the student with a learning above average and enables him to analyze field situations safely, providing reliable results.

At the end of training and experience time the specific test method, the student presents qualifying examinations in the company, following the established program of training Compoende, or are evaluated by agencies external certification Technical Center aerospace Technology (CTA / IFI) in Sao Jose dos Campos-SP, Brazil.

If approved, they receive certification as an inspector nondestructive testing.

In Compoende, the search for the excellence of its workforce is one of the strategic approaches to business. In addition to the specific activities and technical refresher courses and improvement, our inspectors END given opportunities to participate in training abroad organized by manufacturers of aircraft and components.

Another key point for the success of the coaching staff is Compoende Maintenance Program Competition. During the period of their certifications, NDT inspector is constantly evaluated and tested for their performance. This program implemented since 2012 has guaranteed the satisfaction of our customers and helped to ensure the quality of services of Nondestructive Testing in Paraguay and Latin America.

Training center Compoende

The scope of our training certifications also guarantee suppliers and for the preparation of technical Level 3 which can act as responsible for laboratories.

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