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Compoende imparts training within their premises or those of its customers, maintaining the same level of quality and commitment to their students. The teaching materials developed by the Inspectors Professional Level 3 is based on the content recommended by the ASNT program and follow the guidelines of the NAS standards 410, ISO 9712 and ANSI / ASNT CP-189, as well as those recommended by the SNT-TC-1A. We have a lot of components and structures with real discontinuities in various types of materials, providing the student with a learning above average and enables him to analyze field situations safely, providing reliable results. Our trainings are available for providers, airlines, maintenance mechanics, certification bodies, supervisory bodies, naval organs, hydroelectric plants, sugar mills, distilleries, cement and other industries.

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Training center Compoende

The scope of our training certifications also guarantee suppliers and for the preparation of technical Level 3 which can act as responsible for laboratories.

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