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Consulting, Audit and Investigation

Compoende has prepared technicians and engineers to provide solutions for the development of inspection procedures and work instructions with defining criteria of acceptance / rejection, besides acting in laboratory implementation.
We also offer:
* Consulting and auditing during implementation or monitoring of quality management systems for special processes;
* Specify NDT equipment.

ISO 9001 – a standard quality management system (QMS) internationally recognized, used by organizations that want to test their ability to provide products and services that meet the needs of its customers and stakeholders. ISO 9001 is a global reference to the Quality Management System with more than one million certificates issued in more than 150 countries.

AS 9100 (NBR 15100) – makes use of the ISO 9001 requirements and complete other requirements established by the aerospace industry for the quality system. The aim of the AS 9100 is to establish a management system gives unique and consistent to be used by the aerospace industry quality.

Nadcap – is an effort initiated by the industry itself to assess compliance with the so-called special processes. This effort brings together technical experts from the "main contractors", suppliers and government representatives, in order to establish the requirements for approval of suppliers using a standardized approach.

Our technical in partnership with renowned companies and academic institutions to develop related products, processes and services using the techniques of nondestructive testing equipment solutions.

Training center Compoende

The scope of our training certifications also guarantee suppliers and for the preparation of technical Level 3 which can act as responsible for laboratories.

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